Let’s get zen.

Catch some zen in the convenience of your home, bring some perks to the office, get more 1:1 attention to help deepen your practice, or even make your bachelorette a hit. Private classes and workshops can be tailored specifically to your level, interests, and schedule.


200HR YTT - Zuna Yoga


Sample Styles

Hatha Yoga
Traditional practice with slightly slower movements and focus on the breath.

Power/Vinyasa Yoga
Integrates more powerful and dynamic postures to get your heart-rate up.

Yin Yoga
Gentle, grounded poses held for 3-5 minutes to restore your body.

Meditation & Pranayama
Guided mindfulness, mantra and visualization meditations & breathwork.



Groups & Corporate Rate

$75/hour 4+ classes

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

- Mark Black -