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Making positive change in people’s lives is what I absolutely love to do. Whether it’s working through a question or a career change, planning and acting toward a goal, or generally increasing overall sense of happiness, well-being or purpose, I combine my own experience with science-based practices in positive psychology to find meaningful ways to engage positive change.

As I personally build my practice, I’d love to offer you a discounted rate in exchange for your feedback and a review if you find our sessions impactful.


Sample Goals

Purpose & Well-Being
Find perspective, discover your purpose and passions, and rewire your brain to build a positive, resilient mindset.

Career Coaching & Life Transition
Contemplating a new career, or going through a major change? Let’s work through it together.

Goal Setting & Achievement
Whether your goal is, let me help you use science-backed strategies to change your habits, hold yourself accountable, and achieve success.


(*in exchange for review & testimonial)

Standard Session

Program Packages
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We’ll simply discuss some possible objectives you might have for coaching, and you experience a sample session first-hand to get a sense of what working together might feel like.

Completely free. No commitment or obligation.


“A mind once stretched by a new idea or understanding will never return to its original dimensions.”

- Oliver Wendell Holmes -