Chasing Rainbows


Did you know that if you chase a rainbow, you’ll never actually be able to catch it? It’s an optical illusion based on your viewpoint - quite literally your perspective.

As you move closer, it will just keep getting farther away (I know, I’ve tried it!) And so, too, are many of our other “chases” in life. As we get close to reaching whatever we think will finally make us happy, we find that in our new location, our destination has only moved farther out. So we learn the hard way that the “pot of gold” at the end - things like money or achievements or whatever it may be - often lead to a never-ending cycle, and a never-ending chase.

But sometimes a rainbow can also remind us that our journeys are continuous and constantly evolving. We try to plan it all out and map a straight line to the rainbow in front of us based on what we can see right here and right now. But getting there brings us to a new perspective, a new rainbow that we didn’t know we quite literally couldn’t see from where we were standing before, and it’s usually exactly where the universe intended for us to go. So continue to follow the rainbows in your life. However, rather than chasing pots of gold, follow them to new angles and new points of view, until you’ve see thousands and thousands and thousands more.