The Road Less Traveled


People often talk about the road less traveled because of its wild unknown, a unadulterated challenge whose pursuit is worth the reward.

But sometimes I wonder if many of these paths are less taken not because they’re harder, but simply because their great beauty is often lost on us. Right beneath our noses, yet never enough for our ever increasing preoccupations with the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

My travels took me through so many soft-spoken and expansive roads, running through the empty wild and through the quiet country, yet abandoned for the high-trafficked and hectic roads of the city, for centers of ambition, and dreams of status and success.

When we pack our lives so full - of technology, emails, money, and needs we never really need - we become disconnected from who we are at the core, and sometimes the simpler road can bring us back to what’s important.

The more you peel away, the more you might realize just how little you truly need. And the simple and spacious road less traveled just may start to seem a little more beautiful.