Super Bloom

hope super bloom california

Without the rain there’d be no rainbow, no flowers, no spring. And what an incredible reminder the thriving blossoms and brilliant colors of California’s super bloom have been of just that this year.

According to Snyder’s Hope Theory, the way we approach the roadblocks in our lives, and the way that we use “pathways thinking” - or the the ability to see multiple routes around a setback or what might sometimes feel like a brick wall - is critical to our sense of hope. While often frustrating (especially when out of our control) it is often these exact moments that usually grow us the most - when we’re required to jump just a little bit higher than we’re used to, stretch ourselves in a new area, or forge some new neural connection. So whatever roadblock you might be hitting, rather than getting discouraged, try re-framing it as a challenge - an opportunity to fuel and feed your growth in ways you may not have even been looking for yet. After all, it’s the biggest rain that creates the biggest blooms.